It doesn't get more "spring in the Garden" than this

Monday, March 31, 2014

I've been looking for interesting spring flowers and other signs of post-winter activity here in the Garden. There is certainly no shortage of them, but this one in particular says "spring" more than just about anything.

Same nest on three different days.

Our Edible Garden manager tipped me off to a cardinal nest in a loquat tree. I found it easily and was able to reach it just standing on a chair. The photos were taken using my cell phone. Not only does a cellphone camera fit this confined space, but it avoids causing any undue stress to the mama cardinal that a larger camera might.

Photo at left with single egg was taken on March 27, the middle image on March 28, and the third image, showing three eggs, was taken today, March 31. I actually saw the mama leave the nest today, which gave me a minute to snap today's image. I can't wait to see these pretty eggs hatch, and all those hungry mouths appear.