Friday, July 1, 2011

These Livistona decora,
foreground, are among new
palms in parking area.

Visitors coming to the 19th International Mango Festival will find the lowland parking area sporting Livistona decora, Phoenix sylvestris and Veitchia species replacing the ropes used to define parking rows.

New plantings also screen the area from the Visitors Center and the Lakeside Cafe.

You’ll also notice new palms at the garden’s south entrance and the Garden Club of America Amphitheater, all donated by Manny Diaz.

The south entrance (employees’ parking area) has been given a

South entrance.

more elegant look with Bismarckia nobilis, Hyobphorbe verschaffeltii and Thrinax radiata. Grounds supervisor Ricardo Aberle has been adding to the under story of these mature palms, and soon a new sign will grace the entrance.

New royals have been added to the existing palms behind the amphitheater while two dozen coconuts have been planted inside the amphitheater.

“Down among the sheltering palms, oh honey wait for me….”