Happy New Year! And welcome to the Fairchild Blog!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! And welcome to The Fairchild Blog!

I’m sure you know about Fairchild – but do you really know about Fairchild? Don’t worry, this year, we’re going to tell you all about us. It’s our New Year’s Resolution to you.

We’re going to tell you all about the programs that we offer for you, share with you gardening tips, tell you about our fun events, about the many tours we offer, what’s blooming in the Garden, how-to tips for you to do at home, exciting stories from the around the tropics and so much more.

Why? Because we want to stay connected with you, by telling you all that we are doing for you, the tropical world and botany in general. Because we believe that telling you about Fairchild will keep us better connected.

And all you have to do is eagerly await the weekly edition of the Fairchild Blog! We’re carefully curating the Fairchild Blog to provide you the most relevant, useful, practical and enriching information possible. We all have lots of blogs, posts, Tweets, and lists to read nowadays, so we’re committed to making our chats with you as engaging as possible so that we can bring the beauty and wonder of Fairchild to your computer or mobile devices.

Welcome to the Fairchild Blog. We are so excited to connect with you. And be sure to tell us what you think; we promise, we’re listening!

Happy New Year from your Fairchild Family,

Nannette Zapata

Nannette M. Zapata is Fairchild's chief operating officer.