Grow your own lettuce - it is easy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Earlier this month I attended a Miami-Dade County Cooperative Extension Service advisory board meeting.  After the meeting, we went outside to see the raised bed gardens that Master Gardeners had planted.  In some cases, unusual containers were used. 

Seeing this gave me a great idea!  I have an old recycling bin.  So the following weekend I went to my local gardening center and purchased some young buttercrunch lettuce and red lettuce plants along with some potting soil.  I picked up a few collard plants as well.  I went home, placed potting soil in the old bin and planted the lettuce and collards.  I placed the bin in an area with full sun.  I water my plants every two or three days.

Three weeks later, I have been picking fresh, tender lettuce every day!  It tastes so good!  This kind of mini-garden could be placed on a sunny balcony or patio.  I know that I will save money as I had been purchasing lettuce mixes at the grocery for $3.99 per bag.  This simple gardening project could be done by homeowners or apartment dwellers.  Just be sure to place the containers in full sun.   Before long, you will be enjoying your own, home-grown lettuce!