FYI: BioBlitz turned up some amazing finds

Friday, May 7, 2010

BioBlitz, the two-day inventory of land and water flora and fauna held last weekend in Biscayne National Park, turned up some interesting finds, including seven candidate champion trees: paradise tree, Bahama strong back, blolly, milk bark, joewood, inkwood and pigeon plum. Potentially the largest trees of their kind are growing on Totten Key. They somehow survived Hurricane Andrew in 1992 well enough to grow into (perhaps) the largest of their kind.

A press release from Everglades National Park says that on-land observations of a number of species rare to the park included the silver hairstreak butterfly, mangrove cuckoo, bay-breasted warbler and nesting roseate spoonbills.

Underwater park divers were excited to observe black, red and gag groupers on a night dive on the park’s reefs.

More than 800 species of plants and animals were counted, with a higher final number expected to be tallied after the fine details are completed.