FIU-Fairchild Faculty Attends FloraMac2012 International Symposium at Madeira Island

Sunday, September 9, 2012

 Between September 5th and 8th 2012 the Madeiran Botanical Group (University of Madeira at Funchal) organized the FloraMac2012 International Symposium.  The event focused on plant biodiversity issues pertinent to the Macaronesian Islands (Azores, Canaries, Cape Verde, Madeira, and Selvagens archipelagos). Our  FIU-Fairchild faculty Dr. Javier Francisco Ortega delivered a talk on "Pre-Linnean references to the Macaronesian Flora." Dr. Francisco-Ortega thanks the FloraMac2012 Organizing Committee for sponsoring his attendance to this international meeting. Image below, from left to right: Dr. Arnoldo Santos-Guerra (Head of the Botany Unit, Canary Island Institute for Agricultural Research), Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega, Dr. Maria Romeiras (Subdirector of the Tropical Botanic Garden of Lisbon, Institute for Tropical Scientific Research, Portugal), and Dr. Miguel Sequeiras (Faculty at the Department of Biology, University of Madeira and Coordinator of the FloraMac2012 Organizing Committee).