FIU-Fairchild Alumus Continues Field Research in the Lesser Antilles with the Support of University of Wisconsin, Madison, Many Local Government Agencies, and a Field Assistant from Fairchild

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FIU-Fairchild graduate alumnus Brian Sidoti (currently a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison) conducted field work in Trinidad, St. Lucia, and Guadeloupe between 2/13/2012 and 2/27/2012.  He was accompanied on his trip by Fairchild field botanist Jennifer Possley.  The objective of Brian’s research is to determine the evolutionary relationships of the Tillandisa fasciculata species complex in the Caribbean basin.  His study will incorporate morphological, molecular, and geographic data from several countries, with personal visits to ten.  For his FIU Masters Thesis, Brian began working with this species complex under the research supervision of Dr. Scott Zona (Curator of Wertheim Conservatory of Florida International University).



Brian Sidoti

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