Field Work in the Dominican Republic by FIU/Fairchild Graduate Student in Collaboration with Researchers from Fairchild and the National Botanic Garden of the Dominican Republic

Monday, July 11, 2011

  •  FIU/Fairchild Graduate Program alumnus Brian Sidoti and Fairchild biologist Jennifer Possley recently made a successful trip to the Dominican Republic (June 24 - July 7) to collect specimens and data for Brian’s research.  Brian is a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and he is examining the Molecular Systematics and Population Genetics of the Tillandsia fasciculata Complex (Bromeliaceae) in and around the Caribbean Basin. Brian and Jennifer traveled around the DR with the assistance of Teodoro Clase and Alberto Veloz from the Jardin Botanico Nacional (  Image on the right: Jennifer Possley taking ecological data in the field. Image on the bottom left: Brain Sidoti taking photos of Tillandsia fasciculata. On the bottom right: Individual of Tillandsia compressa.