Fall flowers

Friday, September 14, 2012

This Dendrobium has the funny
cultivar name 'Mung'.

Dendrobium phalaenopsis plants have matured their leaves and now are blooming in my garden. These are the dendrobiums with flowers that resemble flowers in the genus Phalaenopsis, but they are not related. These dendrobiums have tall canes, and predominant color is purple, but they can be any color. We have purple, striped, deep maroon with yellow undersides to the flowers and white dendrobiums in bloom now. Shorter days are a signal for them to produce their flowers. They’ve grown nicely all spring and summer, on the trees and palms in the yard. Dendrobium phalaenopsis types like a lot of water and fertilizer during the growing season, and less in winter, even though they are evergreen. They love to be attached to trees.  Tabebuia aurea (formerly Tabebuia caraiba) has the perfect rough bark for orchid roots, as do live oaks.

Trichoglottis  means
'hairy tongue'.


Another wonderful orchid blooming now is Trichoglottis atropurpurea, with a streak of fuzz running down its lip. This vandaceous orchid blooms off and on all summer, but seems to have a lot of flowers now. We grow them on trees as well as wired to a large piece of cork because they like to climb. Morning sun is just fine for them. They have a slight perfume.