Exciting sightings in Fairchild!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In recent days, staff have seen the amazingly beautiful Painted Buntings in Fairchild!  Over the past year, we have placed feeders in quiet locations within FTBG to encourage more birds.  One of the important ingredients of the seed mix we use is white millet, a favorite food of Painted Buntings.  Both male buntings and the "greenies" (immature males or females) have been seen at feeders in the Keys Coastal Habitat, the palmetum area between the cafe and the south gate, near the Victoria Pool and in Plot 161, our native palm plot.  These colorful birds are quite shy and like places with lots of vegetation.  See if you can see a Painted Bunting during your next visit to FTBG.  They are in South Florida until early April, when they head north for the summer.


A colorful male and either an immature male or mature female at M. Collins' feeder