Crotons now look their best

Monday, November 30, 2015

Late fall/winter is the prime time for crotons. The plants have grown well throughout the summer; their colors have been set and now glow in the soft afternoon light. For some reason, I once thought I did not like crotons. But as I have discovered new hybrids, and even old famous ones, I have become a fan.

Crotons like bright light, dappled sunlight or full morning or late afternoon sunlight. One of the challenges of growing them is to keep leaves all the way to the ground so the plants don’t have bare stems. Pinching new growth throughout the growing season will avoid those leggy looks.

Fertilizer developed for palms such as the 8-2-12 is excellent for these colorful plants. When the new growth sags, you know the plants need water, but they are not water pigs!

Here are some I have in my garden.

Mrs. Iceton

 Yellow form, Mrs. Iceton
Irene Kingsley
Princess Eugenia

Sybil Griffin

Queen Elizabeth