Come see our lowlands and enjoy the wonderful sculptures by Mark di Suvero

Monday, December 8, 2008

I have to go to the nursery in a few minutes to work with one of my volunteers.  We propagate plants all year long for our three annual plant sales.  Before I leave, I want to urge everyone to visit Fairchild during the next six months.  This time of the year is cool, sunny and a great time to explore the habitat areas found in FTBG's lowlands.  Our pine rockland area is full of plants native to this critically imperiled habitat.  Our pines, palmettos, wildflowers, wild basil, American beautyberry plantings create a habitat both wonderful to observe and to take in the fragrance of the pines.  Our Michaux Bahamas collection, plot 164, is an amazing open hammock habitat of wild collected plants from the many Bahama islands.  Many of the plants were collected in the 1960's and 70's and are excellent representatives of the tough, wind resistant, drought resistant plants that grow on the islands off our shores. 

All of the sculptures in the exhibition are on loan from the Mark di Suvero Collection.  Here is Gnarly by di Suvero:

 Gnarly (photo by M. Collins)