Caribbean Island Botanical History Research at the Archives of University of Montreal

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Javier Francisco-Ortega a member of the Science Department of the Garden and tenured faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences of Florida International University traveled to Montreal between March 12-18 to conduct botanical history research in the Archives of the University of Montreal. He was hosted by Luc Brouillet and Geoffrey Hall, both from the Herbarium of the Montreal Botanical Garden; by Monique Voyer from the University of Montreal Archives; and by Marie Timperley from the Kirouac Family Association. The research focused on the documents and photos that resulted from Brother Marie-Victorin's trips to Florida and the Caribbean. Brother Marie-Victorin was a member of the Catholic congregation of La Salle. He was the founder of the Montreal Botanical Garden, and the father of modern botany in Canada. A main highlight of this research visit was the discovery of the travelogue produced by Brother Marie-Victorin during his 1941 trip to Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barranquilla (Colombia). The study of these documents and photos is part of projects involving colleagues from Canada, Florida and the Caribbean Islands. During Javier's visit, Montreal was under the most severe snow storm of the last 10 years. The trip was sponsored by the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center of FIU and the College of Arts and Sciences of FIU. Photos: Top (J. Francisco-Ortega at the entrance of the University of Montreal), Middle (example of board-mounted photos taken by Brother Marie-Victorin in Haiti during his first visit to this country in 1939, copyright of Division de la gestion de documents et des archives, Université de Montréal), Bottom (first page of the travelogue of Brother Marie-Victorin for his trip to Jamaica, Trinidad and Colombia, copyright of Division de la gestion de documents et des archives, Université de Montréal).