Bromeliad Show and Sale

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The 36th annual show and sale of the Bromeliad Society of South Florida is exhibiting some remarkable plants, from wispy, silver tillandsias to the armed Neoregelia “Hanibal Lector;’ some bear brilliantly colored inflorescences, others have simply elegant shapes and not a flower in sight, such as Quesnelia marmorata ‘Tim Plowman.’  “What big teeth you have”, said Little Red Riding Hood when she saw Hohenbergia edmundoi with its fierce armor and spines. Where there is color, it is seldom demure: Neoregelia ‘Donna’ has a startlingly bright fuchsia center; Aechmea tessmanii waves its yellow and red inflorescence like a beacon in the night.

Billbergia Hallaelujah

Hohenbergia edmundoi

Neoregelia 'Donna'

The student art contest is always a wonderful exhibition that accompanies the show, and this year 8th grader Christina Bernadotti took first place. Her still life with blue and gold macaw nearly throbs with color and patterns.


Vendors at the sale have new hybrids, old favorites. There are enticing plants for sun or shade, and experts to advise you on how to grow them. The show is Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 4:30 p.m.