Book on Climate Change and Plant Introduction

Monday, June 27, 2011

• The Center for Tropical Plant Conservation has a commitment for research pertinent to the effect of climatic change on plant biodiversity. Indeed, this is one of the main research priorities of our group. As a result of the CTPC research activities in this area our Dr. Joyce Maschinski and Dr. Kristin E. Haskins (Northern Arizona University) have edited a new book entitled "Plant Reintroduction in a Changing Climate. Promises and Perils". The book presents a comprehensive review of plant reintroduction projects and practices, the circumstances of their successes or failures, lessons learned, and the potential role for reintroductions in preserving species threatened by climate change. Contributors examine current plant reintroduction practices, from selecting appropriate source material and recipient sites to assessing population demography. The book is being published by Island Press and sponsored by the Center for Plant Conservation. The book is due to be out in print in December 2011.