Bandhavgarh, India

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bandhavgarh,India-- We have one more chance to see a tiger this afternoon. So far we have come up dry--although we have seen an abundance of wildlife in Bandhargarh National Park.

We head out at 5:45 a.m.  The que for the park must wait for all papers to be authenticated before we can enter. In this part of the park there are specific routes that the guides must follow and they must carry papers attesting to their assigned routes.

Half way through the morning's outing, we have to stop and have the papers reauthenticated.

So far, we have seen boars that look just like wart hogs in Africa, spotted deer and samba deer, langurs, jackals, and several wonderful birds. This morning we heard a female tiger roar several times, but she didn't like the sound of jeeps and she stayed hidden with her two four-month-old cubs.

The forest is primarily bamboo and sal trees. Lots of Vanda and Ascocentrum orchids in the sal trees. And since it is the dry season, we return from our jeep safaris covered with dust. A small price for the adventure!