Attracting birds to your yard

Monday, April 13, 2009















A pair of painted buntings visiting my feeder which is hanging in an Alvaradoa amorphoides.

I have planted many native trees, shrubs and palms to re-create natural habitats in my own yard.  I created a hardwood hammock, palm and grass savannah, and a pineland area all in a less than 1/2 acre size lot.  One of the main reasons I planted native species was to attract wildlife. 

Birds require food, shelter, and water.  I am especially pleased with the many birds who visit my yard, especially painted and indigo buntings.  Birds like to hide in shrubs and small trees.  I have a bird feeder on the sunny edge of my hammock and a large clay pot saucer used to keep water for birds to bathe in or drink.  The birds like hanging out in the Alvaradoa amorphoides and Lantana involucrata before they fly to my feeder.  I use a bird seed mix which includes sunflower seeds, millet, and other small seeds.  Millet seeds are eaten by the buntings.  Both the painted buntings and indigo buntings spend the dry season in South Florida.  In a few weeks, the buntings will fly north to their summer nesting areas.

At this year's Spring Plant Sale we will have many native species to plant and create habitats for birds and butterflies.  We will have some small sized Lantana involucrata, Chromolaena odorata,  Passiflora suberosa and Alvaradoa amorphoides  to get you started on creating your own wildlife habitats in your yard.  Plant them and they will come!