At last

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Raindrops cling to
this tomato's bottom.

What’s happier than a tomato in the rain? A whole garden in the rain.

And perhaps even happier is this gardener.

So we didn’t get a cold snap, we got rain instead, and boy has it been a long thirsty stretch.  Yellow lawns and droopy staghorn ferns are normal for April/May, not January/February. The tomatoes and broccoli relish the rain, and the bok choi grew visibly overnight. If rain continues for a few days, which is forecast, then we’ll have to start watching for snails to reemerge.

Last weekend, I stocked up on palm special fertilizer and ingredients for repotting aroids – Pro-Mix, peat moss and pine bark soil conditioner. I’m ready for the end of the month to arrive so I can garden once again.

The Catasetum orchids are showing new growth, so we can start watering them again. This new growth may be slightly early, but last week I also saw a Tabebuia caraiba in flower. One of our Oncidium sphacelatum orchids has been in flower since January. That’s really out of season. It's an interesting new world in which to garden.