And the effects of cold keep on coming

Sunday, January 17, 2010


After three days of dropping
leaves, the black olive looks
like this.


Among the damaged: Pithecellobium, Pseudobombax, Pritchardia, Podocarpus…are all the P-plants doomed? Naw. Ficus, gumbo-limbo (some), African tulip trees, some coconut palms, royal poincianas, the list goes on. The damage likely will continue to appear.

I called Steve Nock, aroid hybridizer and expert who owns


Borneo giant shows how it
disliked the cold.

Ree Gardens with his wife Marie, to ask about my damaged and drooping philodendrons and other aroids. Cut back to the stem and use fungicide where you find soft tissue, he said.

Aye, sir.