An Incredible Fairchild "Find"

But we are NOT going to the dogs!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I intend for this blog to showcase cool and interesting things I come across at Fairchild that might not fit in our magazine, The Tropical Garden, or elsewhere, but are nevertheless something I want to share. Back in January of this year (2014), Kiki, our fantastic community outreach coordinator, brought a little find to the office. It wasn't a spider, beetle, lizard or the usual:

This little guy weighed about four pounds! He was scared of everything, and shivering as chihuahuas do. Apparently he had been abandoned nearby. Now we have hawks in the Garden, but this guy could get swooped up by a dove!

I had to have him. We took him home, cleaned him up and have named him Thor.

As you can see, he cleaned up nicely! He loves his new home, particularly his dog and cat siblings (Note the cat photobomb in lower left corner). I hope he was not intentionally abandoned, but maybe escaped. If anyone needs to give up an animal, get it a proper home. I can imagine Thor, were he in an animal shelter, would have been adopted quickly. Glad I got to him first!