An Amazing Plant is Blooming on the Vine Pergola

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tecomanthe dendrophila, also known as New Guinea trumpet creeper, is in full bloom on Fairchild's vine pergola.  To see it, walk to the southern end of the pergola and you will see this amazing plant.

One of the Fairchild Plants of the year in 2006, this vigorous woody twiner (liana) could simply be grown for its deep green foliage, but it is the large pendant clusters of trumpet shaped flowers that steal the show.  Rosy-pink colored at the base and fading to paler rose, the flowers open to reveal creamy white throats.  Blooms appear intermittently between September and May. The mature stems wind around each other creating an entanglement on which the clusters of flowers are curiously borne.  Tecomanthe dendrophila requires a pergola, fence, or other strong support.