Education Outreach

Beyond the Boundaries of Fairchild 

Fairchild's Community Outreach program strives to bring new experience and enrichment to the lives of citizens throughout Miami-Dade. Fairchild staff participates in community events year-round, using interactive displays and hands-on activities to engage a wide audience of learners of diverse abilities and passions. The goal of these programs is to encourage our community to better understand tropical plants, appreciate and value biodiversity, and reflect on how they can help improve the environment locally and globally.

Events at FTBG
This year, the Education Department resources were made available to more than 20,000 citizens with outreach programs at these and other Garden events:

  • Chocolate Festival
  • Orchid Festival
  • Food and Garden Festival
  • Mango Festival
  • Butterfly Days
  • Bird Festival
  • Edible Garden Festival
  • Ramble Festival

Events in the Community
Education Outreach Staff participate in community events county-wide, providing educational and interactive displays to the public. This year these events included:

  • SweetVine E-Fair
  • MDCPS Science and Engineering Fair
  • Miami Dade College Green Fair
  • Baynanza
  • Sweet Vine School Fair
  • Environmental Educator Provider (EEP) meetings
  • Numerous presentations or special programs for our community partners
  • Career Days 

Community Partnerships
Fairchild collaborates with several other partner environmental organizations, non-profit groups, and educational institutions across Miami-Dade.  For a list of our community partners, please see link below. Environmental Education Providers of Miami-Dade

List of Community Partners

For more information, contact Kiki Mutis Comunity Outreach Coordinator at or call 305-667-1651 x 3330.

Last updated 7/21/13