2016-2017 Annual Fund:
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David Fairchild, well over 100 years ago, began searching the world for plants that he believed would improve our country. Traveling throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, he sought plants that would aid farmers grow crops capable of surviving harsh Midwest winters. He and the plant explorers he guided discovered alfalfa, corn, wheat, barley and others that would flourish in the United States. Eventually, he was able to introduce the tropical plants we’ve come to enjoy every day, like mangos, avocados, and so many more we take for granted.

Throughout David Fairchild's lifetime of exploration, he relied on the support of benefactors at every step of the way. Thanks to the support of fellow plant lover and friend Robert Montgomery — who recognized the importance of botany and horticulture, for the economy, education, and the simple beauty of tropical nature — we have Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden to enjoy today. Dr. Fairchild could not have accomplished so much alone.

Now we ask you to join the list of our supporters—people who have an appreciation for how important it is to continue our mission of exploring, explaining and conserving the world of tropical plants. This is why we ask you to please contribute to the Fairchild Annual Fund; we need to increase our efforts for this and future generations. Here are some reasons why:

We do all of this and more while working to raise the additional funds necessary to keep these programs thriving and growing. But we need your help! To achieve our goal, we are encouraging participation among all of our Fairchild friends. 

Donate Now!

Donate Now!

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The Fairchild Annual Fund Campaign takes place from November 15 through April 15 each year and the money raised allows us to meet the critical needs of the Garden and for the programs that are having a transformative impact right here in Miami-Dade County and beyond. 

Fairchild is a non-profit organization sustained by the generosity of members and friends like you! Tickets sales, memberships, program fees, and gift shop sales provide the base support that allow for enriching programs and maintenance of our garden exhibits and buildings. However, we depend on our endowment, grants, sponsorship, and individual donors to help make up the remaining critically necessary funds.