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Among the joys of life in South Florida is the ease with which we can plant, care for and reap the bounty of our natural surroundings. Our homes are fertile ground for the edible garden, models of sustainability and innovation – lush and delicious with all manner of herbs and vegetables, fruit, ornamentals and medicines. Our garden provides food for the table and habitat for honeybees and butterflies.


Welcome to the Fairchild Edible Garden, a living classroom conceived and tended for the gardener within us all. Bursting with practicality, taste and good nutrition, the Edible Garden teaches through example, nourishing the body and the soul through its harvest.    

 Our Goal with the Edible Garden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is to demonstrate to the community the benefits and enjoyment of eating quality, organically grown food, professionally prepared in delicious dishes, while supporting our local farmers.

The Edible Garden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden provides the home owner and estate gardener with examples of tropical fruit, vegetables, medicinal plants and herbs in the urban landscape. 

Our display is a formal landscape design using plantings of economically important species that grow in South Florida including fruit.  Our carambola and guava have been a successful display element as a mirrored espalier planting to frame the plaza and demonstrate a novel method for estate gardening.

The use of superior clonal material has been vital to the success of the project, allowing for precocious flowering and fruiting of a range of species. Furthermore, the use of dwarf clones and horticultural management to control size of sapodilla, jackfruit, mamey sapote and mangos have added considerable impact to the project.

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