Freezing Mangos


By Noris Ledesma, Curator of Tropical Fruit 

One of the advantages of preserving fruits is to have them available for consumption over a longer period of time.  By freezing mangos, one is able to utilize all of the fruit in a single season.


  • Select quality fruit: Select firm, ripe fruit. Carefully wash and peel the fruit.
  • Cut the fruit into lengthwise slices
  • Poor the pulp in plastic bags.
  • Freezing

Freezing mangos is accomplished by storing fruit at temperatures bellow 32F. This limits the enzymatic breakdown of the fruit. Mangos can be frozen without any special treatment except washing, while some fruits need to be peeled or seeded. Frozen mango pulp looks and tastes very similar to fresh fruit. The pulp can be used in smoothies, jellies, chutney, bread, icecream and more.  After a year It may change the color, but the flavor still good, and perfect to make mango chutney.

Don't waste your mangos, you can enjoed them all year around!