Plants of the Year

Fairchild's Plants of the Year

Fairchild's plants of the year are chosen by a panel of knowledgeable horticulturists on Fairchild's staff.  Each year one or more plants are chosen based on the following criteria: ornamental appeal, ease of growing, low maintenance and  being well suited to South Florida's climate and growing conditions.  The plants must also be non-invasive and underused in the local landscape.  For information on Fairchild's plants of the year, click on the links below.

2004-2005 Plants of the Year            2006 Plants of the Year             2007 Plants of the Year    2008 Plants of the Year


 2009 Plant of the Year                         2010 Plants of the Year            2011 Plants of the Year



Neomarica caerulea 2004-05

Guaiacum sanctum 2004-05

            Plumeria pudica 2004-05    




Senna polyphylla 2006 Pimenta racemosa 2006 Tecomanthe dendrophila 2006




Clusia lanceolata 2007

Cryosophila stauracantha 2007

Neoregelia 'Fireball' 2007






Euphorbia punicea 2008 Myrcianthes fragrans 2008 Coccothrinax argentata 2008






Stemmadenia litoralis  2009  










         Byrsonima lucida 2010         Muhlenbergia capillaris   2010
          Nashia inaguensis  2010  















           Petrea volubilis  2011             Hamelia patens  2011