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But aren't bonsai small?

Thu, Oct 07, 2010 at 03:14:26 PM

This black olive has been trained into a
bonsai shape, albeit on a large scale.

Today at the garden, the Bonsai Society of Miami had members working to construct backdrops and pedestals for their fabulous miniature trees that will be on display Saturday and Sunday for their annual show and sale.

Small and even medium sized trees were waiting to be placed, when a truck pulled up. Five people somehow managed to extract a 50-year-old black olive from the van and onto a rolling cart. But it is so tall, it would not fit through the wide entry doors of the Garden House. When last seen, it was being measured to ascertain how to get it inside.

It's a beautiful, majestic Bucida buceras 'Shady Lady' that has been grown in a container for 50 years. Dramatically shaped, it belongs to Glenn Hilton, who owns the Miami Tropical Bonsai Nursery in Homestead.

The show promises to be big.


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