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Plant Countdown to Members' Day Plant Sale - Day 8

Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 05:50:51 AM

Myrciaria vexator is one of Dr. David Fairchild’s introductions.  Native to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, this small tree is sometimes known as blue grape or false jaboticaba.  This species becomes a beautiful small tree with trunks and stems having smooth, brown bark which peels off to reveal a cream-colored inner layer.  The round, grape-sized fruits have a thick skin over sweet pulp similar to jaboticaba and tastes somewhat like sweet grapes. Fruits are borne in late fall or early winter and usually eaten fresh or used in drinks. A single plant may produce hundreds of fruits. This tree is worth growing for its attractive trunks and leaves and an added bonus is the showy, edible fruit.  Our Senior Curator of Tropical Fruit, Dr. Richard Campbell has three of these small trees in his own yard.  This fact should tell you something.




look to the very upper left corner of the image to see a fruit - click on image to enlarge


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