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What is that purple flowering tree in our rainforest?

Thu, Aug 06, 2009 at 07:02:11 AM

In recent days I've been asked about the tree in the rainforest which is currently flowering.  Showy purple flowers appear in the canopy of the Fairchild rainforest.  It is Carpodiptera ameliae, a member of the Tiliaceae family, native to Central America.  Commonly called mountain pear, it is a  30-40' tall tree with large evergreen leaves.  In July and August, a profusion of  panicles with many small lavender-rose colored flowers are produced.  If you want to see Fairchild's mountain pear, stand near Glade Lake and look west toward plot 151.



 Carpodiptera ameliae - mountain pear flowering now in Fairchild's rainforest in plot 151  






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