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We are getting ready for the Members' Day Plant Sale

Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 02:15:56 PM

I propagate plants for Members' Day Plant Sale, the Ramble and the Spring Plant Sale all year long.  In fact, nearly every Monday and Tuesday morning my volunteers and I collect seeds and cuttings from Fairchild then clean and plant them at our nursery.  This time of year, when many plants have new growth, is the best time for taking cuttings.  Most plants root well from either young tip growth or semi-woody stems.  We take the cuttings early in the morning, wetting them immediately to keep them fresh.

In addition to propagating plants, I am putting together the 2009 Plant Distribution List for the October 3 Members' Day Plant Sale.  I am not ready to divulge the list at this time, but I feel compelled to mention one of the special palms that will be available at the sale.  

Schippia concolor, silver pimento palm, is an elegant, small species native to the open, dry pinelands and moist forests of Belize. The slender trunk has an open crown of deeply divided two-foot palmate leaves with leafstems two to six feet long. Showy, white inflorescences are followed by clusters of white fruit one-inch in diameter. This dainty palm may be grown in full sun to light shade. They are growing in Fairchild in Plots 106, 107, 111.

Schippia concolor in full bloom



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