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We have beautiful parrots in Fairchild!

Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 01:56:38 PM

During recent weeks I have seen large parrots or macaws flying over the arboretum and lowlands of Fairchild.  I have seen a pair and sometimes as many as five birds flying and making their very loud squawking noises.  Today while I was near the southeast edge of Royal Palm Lake, I heard the unmistakable sounds of the parrots in a royal palm in plot 87.  I was fortunate to have my camera and took a few photos.  One of the parrots was using its beak to tear off bits of a leaf stem in a Veitchia arecina.  I am not sure why he was doing this, but I wouldn't be surprised if the frond was eventually severed from the trunk!  I am posting some pictures in the hopes that somebody can identify the type of parrots in the photos.  We have been seeing parrots and hill mynahs in this general area for several days.  Come see them!


Click on images to enlarge


Photo by M. Collins

 Two parrots in a royal palm



 Photo by M. Collins

 Parrot in Veitchia with frond hanging due to
the parrot gnawing on the leaf stem



 Photo by M. Collins

Parrot gnawing on leaf stem of Veitchia













 Photo by M. Collins

Parrot on leaf stem













See map below for location of plot 87.  Click on the map to enlarge it.


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