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The rewards of the mango festival

Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 01:31:52 PM

Mango fans crowd the Garden House.

It happens every July: mango madness descends on South Florida, with its epicenter at Fairchild’s International Mango Festival. Steamy, rainy, sunny, then steamy again. No matter.  The pure joy of tasting,

The fun of tasting and rating.

sniffing, holding mangos fills the garden to the brim with lovers of this exquisite fruit. And the tastes can come in many forms, as visitors sampled

mango and Key lime pie, mango smoothies, mango-orange drink, mango honey, mango breads and pastries.

Dr. Mango.

For the growers, there are lessons in mango pruning, mango grafting, experts called “mango medics” to answer questions about growing mangos…and the largest collection of mangos in the world at a single event. Oh, yes, and the Curators’ Collection of mango trees including cultivars that begin fruiting in April, those that hit the mid-season and several that will reward you in August.

Don’t miss it.

Rambutans, against mango-colored cloth.


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