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Behind the seemingly natural beauty of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden lies a carefully orchestrated blend of science and art. Documented botanical specimens provide valuable resources in science and education, while horticultural displays and the classic landscape design by William Lyman Phillips offer visitors an unforgettable aesthetic experience.


Bailey Palm Glade at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Welcome to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, one of the world’s most unique botanical gardens.  The moment you enter Fairchild you are transported to the tropics.  Sweet fragrances wafting in the warm breeze will remind you of dreams of paradise.  Walk under the exotic vine pergola with dozens of beautiful flowering vines including ones with sky-blue or jade-green and even candy corn-hued flowers.  Visit the arboretum to discover the allspice tree with quilted leaves smelling of the warm spice.  Walk along the Madagascar Spiny Forest and find yourself in a land of bizarre and beautiful plants.  Stroll down the allee and spend some time at the overlook where you can see sparkling lakes and islands beyond.  Find a bench and sit down to read and relax for some peaceful reflection.  Explore the rainforest and find yourself along a rushing stream with surprising waterfalls and petite cascades.  Look up into the canopy of towering trees and see amazing orchids, colorful vines and birds-nest anthuriums growing on the trees!  Visit the palmetum to see a tropical world filled with palms of all shapes, textures and sizes.  Carefully admire palm trunks covered in spines or with fibers like an intricate weaving.  Among the palms you will see plants that appear to be from the time of dinosaurs and they are – the cycads, some of the most ancient plants still found growing on this earth.  Some of the cycads produce huge, colorful cones filled with seeds.  Other cycads are armed with sharp spines and sturdy trunks.  Enter the delightful Wings of the Tropics conservatory and find yourself in a world filled with strikingly colorful butterflies flying to nectar-filled flowers.  Be blessed by the soft touch of a curious butterfly landing on your shoulder.  Continue into the tropical conservatory, Windows to the Tropics and discover a pool of brightly colored cichlids from tropical Africa.  Admire the cork tree that is covered with orchids, ferns and other tropical jewels. Visit the Whitman Fruit Pavilion and smell the aroma of ripening tropical fruit.  As you leave the conservatories, stroll to the Bailey Palm Glade and gaze upon an iconic vista of majestic palms leading to another beautiful lake.  Turn around and look down the Cycad Vista and realize that Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden has been planned and planted with incredible care.  Nowhere else on earth will you see these amazing plants, incredible vistas and experience the pure tropical ambiance that is Fairchild.

 Some special events and areas focus on our collections: they include the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden International Mango Festival held annually in July;  the 2-acre Richard H. Simons Rainforest opened in October 2000; the William F. Whitman Tropical Fruit Pavilion opened in November 2003; and work continues on the exhibit in the lowlands area of Fairchild - the Jewels of the Caribbean.  Our newest exhibit which opened December, 2012, is the amazing Wings of the Tropics, a conservatory with thousands of beautiful, tropical butterflies flying among a wonderful array of flowering nectar plants. Our annual  Members' Day Plant Sale in October is a popular event for plant lovers.

The Fairchild Wish List is a valuable tool in making dreams come true. Please contact us if  you can fully fund a wish, donate a portion of the cost or donate the actual item.  Please see the wish list for items needed for the Living Collections and Garden Landscapes department.


Horticultural Queries

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Living Collections and Garden Landscapes Hotline is a free telephone plant information service available to the public. Phone 305.667.1651 ext. 3317 or email: To facilitate answering your question, please indicate your city and state in your message.  Digital photographs may be attached to help with identification or pest problems.


Updated  12/31/13

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