Friends of Fairchild

If you are an active volunteer, you are automatically a member of the Friends of Fairchild (FOF).  Active volunteers are defined as those giving or committed to giving a minimum of 30 hours of service to Fairchild each year in regularly scheduled program areas.

The Friends of Fairchild was founded in 1977 by volunteer Bert Zuckerman. The FOF programs and activities provide a social and educational experience for volunteers from all departments.  The meetings range from purely social events and special lectures by Fairchild staff and guest speakers, to field trips to places with historical or botanical interest.

The Friends of Fairchild meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month in October, December, January, February and May and a Saturday in April.  Volunteers receive a newsletter three times a year about upcoming FOF meetings and other Fairchild events. 

You will find that part of the joy in volunteering at Fairchild comes from the wonderful people you meet here and through the Friends of Fairchild!         


The Committee



Left to right: George Gates, Carl Bauer, Stephanie Thorman, Yonna Levine, Sondra Galperin, Caryl Chassman, Harriet Frillarte, Bobbe Dooley and (not shown) Suri Alexander and Judith Futerfas. 

Friends of Fairchild Officers 2012-2013


Carl Bauer 

Program Chair

  Bobbe Dooley


Caryl Chassman


  George Gates

Members at Large

Suri Alexander

Stephanie Thorman

Hospitality Committee

 Harriet Frillarte

 Sondra Galperin

Past President

Yonna Levine

Telephone Chair

Judith Futerfas