Visitor Services Volunteers

Visitor Services Volunteers

Volunteers are garden ambassadors who introduce visitors to Fairchild and the garden's mission. Volunteers are tram drivers, walking tour guides, shuttle drivers and hosts who greet guests, give tours of Fairchild's collections and seasonal art installations, provide transportation and answer questions.

Volunteer Tram Drivers and Narrators

Fairchild offers year-round narrated tram tours which are led entirely by volunteers. Volunteers act as tram drivers or tram narrators who work in partnership to conduct 45-minute tours of the Garden's collections. Tram tours are also offered in Spanish on Sundays and on Saturdays at 2:30 and 3:30. 

Tram Driver and Narrator Qualifications and Schedule:

Tram drivers and narrators commit to learning a detailed tour of Fairchild.  Tours change to reflect what’s in season in the garden. Narrators are comfortable speaking to large groups. Spanish narrators can speak and read Spanish fluently. Tram drivers have a valid Florida driver’s license and should be comfortable driving a large 72-passenger vehicle. Training required.

 Tram tours are offered year-round on weekdays and weekends except during large festivals when tours are suspended. Spanish tram tours are offered on weekends only. Drivers and narrators have a specific weekly  morning or afternoon shift.

Shuttle Drivers

Fairchild offers shuttle service rear round and during special events to provide transportation to visitors from one location to another in the garden.  Volunteers are responsible for a seven passenger golf cart.

Shuttle Driver Qualifications and Schedule:

Shuttle drivers have excellent people skills and a valid Florida driver’s license.  Volunteers generally work four hour shifts on weekdays or weekends, morning or afternoon.

Walking Tour Guides

Fairchild offers walking tours of the garden’s collections beginning in mid-November through May. Volunteers lead one hour tours to introduce visitors to Fairchild’s collections.  Volunteers vary the tour depending on the interests of the visitors.  Training required.

On weekends, volunteer guides offer Butterfly Walking Tours.  Tours generally last 1-2 hours and allow visitors to explore butterflies and their host plants at Fairchild.

 Walking Tour Guides Qualifications and Schedule

Volunteer walking tour guides commit to learning detailed information about Fairchild’s collections.  Volunteers are comfortable speaking to both large and small groups and can walk around the garden for a couple of hours in a variety of weather conditions.  Walking tour guides volunteer on weekdays and weekends, mornings and afternoons.


Garden Hosts

Volunteers work in particular areas of the garden such as the rainforest, cycad circle or the conservatory.   Hosts are the friendly faces who greet visitors, answer questions, and provide directions as well as share knowledge about their particular garden area.

Qualifications and Schedule:

Hosts have excellent interpersonal skills and are comfortable answering questions and interacting with the public. Hosts are also responsible for learning more detailed information about multiple garden locations.  Volunteers work outside and may be standing for a four hour shift.  Volunteers work on weekdays and weekends, morning and afternoon.