Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

What is the best level of membership, if I want to bring my grandchildren?

Grandparents and above levels of membership allow complimentary admission to grandchildren (under age of 17 years old) of the member.

Can my childcare provider bring in the children on my card?

Yes. If the membership level admits two individuals into Fairchild, you have the opportunity to choose another person to use the membership. Many families opt to include one family member and the main childcare provider in lieu of two family members on the membership. Both individuals will receive cards; however, the cards can only be sent to one primary address.

I'm an active member of the military, do I receive a discount?

Yes. All active military members receive a 50% discount on memberships with proper ID.

I'm over 65 years old, do I receive a discount?

Yes. All members over 65 years old receive a 10% discount on their membership. Please gently remind us, when purchasing a membership.

Do I receive free admission to all festivals?

Yes. All members receive complimentary daily admission, including festivals and the art exhibit, as part of their benefits.

What time are members allowed into the Garden?

Members are allowed into the Garden at 7:30 a.m., excluding festivals.

Are members allowed to enter Fairchild early for the Members' Day Plant Sale and Spring Plant Sale?

Yes.  Members may enter Fairchild at 9:00 a.m. for both plant sales.

Can my mom and I purchase a membership together?

Yes. Many times, two individuals from separate families choose to purchase a membership together. Both individuals will receive cards; however, all membership information and materials can only be sent to one primary address.

Can I have three names on my membership?

No. Only a maximum of two adults are allowed on all memberships.

I can't decide my membership level. Can I upgrade during the year?

Definitely!  All members can upgrade during the cycle of their membership.  They pay the difference between the upgrade and the quantity of time remaining on their account.

What is the tax deductibility of my membership?

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Membership categories up to and including Family and Friends Membership level are fully tax deductible. Please contact the Membership Department for information regarding tax deductibility for Sustaining and higher levels of membership.