Tree Dedication Policy

Tree Dedication Policy  

Dedicating a tree at Fairchild

To dedicate an existing tree and have a dedication plaque made for that tree, the donor must choose from a catalog of available trees. The catalog explains the level of donation necessary for each tree. A committee comprised of employees and members has evaluated the relative worth of each of the available trees in the garden and has attached to each an appropriate giving level. Trees were evaluated on several levels, such as history, botanical significance and placement. 

Dedication plaques will remain on a tree until Mother Nature removes the tree from the garden. In some cases, this could be as little as 5 to 10 years. In others, it could be well over 100 years! If a tree is removed for any other reason the donor will be informed and a comparable tree can be dedicated in its place. Fairchild guarantees that a tree will be healthy for a period of no less than two years after the dedication. 

Dedication plaques contain information about the tree being dedicated as well as a short message agreed upon by the donor and the Garden staff. We suggest that you keep the message to 20 words or less.

Please submit your written request to:

Mr. Leslie Bowe, Director of Corporate and External Affairs, 305.663.8067,

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

10901 Old Cutler Road

Coral Gables, FL 33156