Adopt a Fairchild Orchid

Fairchild boasts hundreds of orchid species. Many of these orchids can be found in the Richard H. Simons Rainforest, as well as in the Windows to the Tropics Conservatory.

With a donation of $75, Fairchild will send your gift recipient a special mail delivery containing the following items:

  • A high-definition 8" x 11.5" color, glossy photo of your selected orchid species
  • A personalized certificate providing information on your selected species
  • A letter from Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden commemorating your generosity

Adopt a Fairchild Orchid now.  Choose from three of our special Orchids:

Guizhou Geodorum

Guizhou geodorum - This rare terrestrial orchid is a species endemic to China which was, until very recently, thought to be extinct. Dr. Hong Liu, a research ecologist working jointly for Fairchild and FIU, is working to conserve this orchid and curtail habitat destruction by working with officials and farmers in China.

Paphiopedilum - These orchids are known as lady slipper orchids due to the unique shape of their flower. They are considered highly collectible because of their unusual and beautiful flowers and are one of the most cultivated groups of orchids in the world. These orchids can be seen at Fairchild in the Windows to the Tropics Conservatory. 


Vanda - These amazing orchids are mosly epiphytic, meaning that they grow on other plants or other objects off the ground. Many species of vanda are endangered due to habitat destruction. Next time you are in the Fairchild Conservatory, try to find as many vandas as you can. Some even have a lovely scent.


Adopt an orchid online


For multiple gifts or gift inquiries, please contact 

Mr. Leslie Bowe, Director of Corporate and External Affairs, 305.663.8067,

Mr. Bowe will work with you to create a meaningful gift acknowledgment for your clients and/or friends.