Fairchild Wish List

Fairchild’s Wish List is a shopping list of items that will directly support our efforts in Conservation, Education, Horticulture and Research. Give a gift of a wish list item and support Fairchild’s mission of exploring, explaining and conserving the world of tropical plants.

All of these wishes can be fulfilled online by clicking on the corresponding Fulfill Wish Now link below!

Wish List Dream Maker Profile


Geri Wegner has volunteered at Fairchild for over three years as a shuttle driver. If you have ever been on one of Geri’s shuttle rides, you know that she is passionate about Fairchild. Recently, Geri saw that Fairchild was in need of a new shuttle golf cart and decided to help with a generous contribution. Fairchild was able to use Geri’s donation to help secure a matching grant that not only allowed Fairchild to buy one golf cart, but three! Thanks to Geri’s generosity, Fairchild now has three new, solar powered shuttles. Geri recently made yet another amazing contribution to Fairchild’s wish list by contributing funds towards two new laptops and one high-powered projector. We wish to thank Geri for her consistent generosity, volunteering and for her undying love of Fairchild. Thank you, Geri!



For the Horticulture Team

For Conservation, Research and the Online Herbarium

For the Research Library

For the Fairchild Farm

For the Marketing and Communications Team

For Special Events

For Member and Donor Services

For Education Programs

For Volunteer Programs

  • Digital SLR Camera, $1,500 Wish Fulfilled!

For Visitor Services

For Lifelong Learning Program


Fairchild would also like to thank the following individuals for their friendship and support. Thanks to you, many of our wishes have been fulfilled!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Barry Myers: Laminar Flow Hood for the Molecular Lab
  • Mrs. Geri A. Wegner: Digital Camera for the Conservation Department
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cook: Assistance with Improvements to the South Entrance Admission Booth
  • Mr. Roger Jaar: Portable, Solar-Powered Generator for the Education Department
  • Moyna Prince, in Memory of her Husband Edward J. Prince: High Resolution Scanner for the Herbarium
  • ExxonMobil, in Honor of Shirley Berckmans: Ultra High-Resolution Microtek Large Format Scanner
  • Mrs. Geri A. Wegner: Solar-powered, 8-seat Golf Cart
  • Ms. Lane Park: Plant Cart/Trailer for the Horticulture Team
  • Ms. Lorie Yanoshik: Digital SLR Camera for Volunteer Programs

To fully fund a wish, donate a portion of the cost or donate the complete item, please click on the corresponding link or contact