Adventure Program (Pre-K to 12)


Adventure Program

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is available to independent school and scout groups (grades Pre-K-12) for self-guided visits. Teachers and Scout Leaders can use the Garden as an outdoor classroom to implement their own curriculum, or can sign up to use one of our supplementary program modules with materials included. Let your students experience the world of plants as they explore our different exhibits ranging from a native Pine Rockland habitat, to a Tropical Rainforest, to the Spiny Forest of Madagascar.

Program Costs and Registration:                                                        

Brochure cover 

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  • $7 per participating student
  • One adult admission is required and free for every 10 students
  • Payment must be received upon arrival
  • Tram tours are not available for self-guided groups
  • Self-guided groups must bring their own lunch; no cafe, vending or refrigeration facilities are available
  • Accessible to students with special needs 
  • For scheduling, please call 305.663.8094 or email
  • Adventure program policies and directions

Self-guided groups may request to use select supplementary materials during their visit to the Garden. These materials will be provided at the beginning of the field trip, and will be collected at the end of the visit. A $50.00 deposit is required to ensure the return of all materials in good condition.


Art in the Garden
What could be more inspirational than 83-acres of tropical beauty? Explore our annual art exhibit and use the Garden for photography, drawing, writing, or other lessons.
To download the self-guided Art in the Garden activity,
click here
For more exhibit information, click here

Students learn about species richness as they utilize the same methods that scientists use to measure biodiversity in local ecosystems.To download the Biodiversity activity, click here.

Butterflies and Pollination
Explore different areas of the Garden to observe native and exotic butterflies. Students learn about butterfly anatomy and the butterfly life cycle. To download the Butterflies and Pollination activity, click here.

Ecological Corridors
Students will examine some of the challenges that birds and butterflies might encounter while looking for suitable habitat, while reflecting on what humans can do to make this journey easier. To download the self-guided Ecological Corridors activity, click here.

Learn about the multitude of ways that we depend on plants in our lives and explore how plants have shaped cultures across continents and centuries. To download the self-guided Ethnobotany activity, click here.

Garden Explorations
Students become nature explorers as they complete a scavenger hunt in different areas of the Garden, learning about the plants and animals that make each habitat unique. To download the self-guided Garden Explorations activity, click here.

Plant Kingdom
Use the Garden as a living laboratory to explore plant groups and classification, while you reinforce botanical, ecological and other scientific concepts. To download the self-guided Plant Kingdom activity, click here

Plant-Animal Interactions
Students learn about diversity and importance of plant-animal interactions through hands-on activities that will immerse your students in the world of biological data collection in the field. To download the Plant-Animal Interactions activity, click here.

South Florida Ecosystems
Explore some of South Florida's unique ecosystems with activities that guide students through the unique tapestry of life that exists in our backyard. To download the South Florida Ecosystems activity, click here.

Independent Explorations
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is available as a resource for self-guided groups to implement their own activities.

updated 08/2014