Explorer Program (K to 5)

Field Studies Brochure 2012-2013

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Immerse your students in hands-on learning as they explore our 83-acre living museum. Staff members and trained docents lead the students through a variety of activities designed to stimulate interest and foster inquiry. During their field study, all students engage in interactive investigations, participate in a propagation lesson in the outdoor classroom and take a botanical souvenir home.

These programs offer guided, grade specific tours for grades K-5 students, and are aligned with Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Please copy, share and implement the pre and post-visit activities provided below. The field study experience combined with pre and post-visit activities will enhance your students' FCAT performance and environmental understanding.

Program Costs and Registration:

  • $8 per participating student
  • Maximum of 60 students
  • One adult is required per ten students; no additional adults allowed
  • program runs from 10 am - 1 pm
  • Accessible to students with special needs
  • For scheduling, please call 305.667.1651 ext. 3322 or email education@fairchildgarden.org
  • Tour dates fill rapidly, make reservations early
  • Please refer to our Explorer Program Policies document for further details

Living with Plants - Grades K-2, Mondays
Plants are amazing! Students will discover plants from root to shoot as they journey through Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, participate in a plant part scavenger hunt, color matching activity, and meet some trees with high cultural, commercial and historical value. 
Explorer Program Policies                                                             Vocabulary List                                                       
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards                              Pre/Post Visit Activities    
Plant Care and Information                                                           Suggested Reading

Life in a Rainforest - Grade 3, Wednesdays
Discover the plants that gave us chewing gum, vanilla and chocolate in Florida's largest rainforest exhibit. Students use hand lenses to take a closer look at the plants, insects and decomposers found on the forest floor. Guides demonstrate authentic rainforest tools and toys as students compare their lifestyle with that of the Chachi people of the Ecuadorian rainforest.
Explorer Program Policies                                                            Vocabulary List                                              
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards                              Pre/Post-visit Activities                             
Plant Care and Information                                                           Websites for More Information

Where We Live - Grade 4, Tuesdays
South Florida is home to a variety of unique ecosystems. Students investigate mangrove and pine rockland ecosystems by identifying native plants, searching for native wildlife and digging in the soil. The day ends with students acting out a food web to demonstrate how energy flows through a mangrove ecosystem.
Explorer Program Policies                                                          Vocabulary List                                        
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards                           Pre/Post-visit Activities  
Plant Care and Information                                                        Websites for More Information

Tropical Explorations - Grade 5, Thursdays
Photosynthesis and plant reproduction come alive as students learn about tropical plants and discover some astounding relationships between animals and plants. Using hand lenses, students examine the reproductive parts of plants from spores and seeds to flowers and cones.
Explorer Program Policies                                                          Vocabulary List                                                                           
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards                           Pre/Post Visit Activities      
Plant Care and Information                                                        Websites for More Information"

Butterflies and Botany - Grades K-5, Fridays
As butterflies flutter from flower to flower, they are performing the important act of pollination, which gives us some of our favorite foods! Through laboratory activities, students will learn about the parts of a butterfly and the butterfly lifecycle. Students will also visit The Wings of the Tropics, our new butterfly exhibit, where they will learn about butterfly behavior as they observe thousands of live butterflies.
Explorer Program Policies                                                         Vocabulary List                                             
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards                                                                                                                                                Plant Care and Information                                                        Pre/Post Visit Activities

updated 08/2013