Explorer Program (K to 5)

Immerse your students in the exciting world of science as they use their senses to explore the tropical plants and habitats of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Fairchild Education staff and trained guides lead student groups through a variety of STEM-based, hands-on activities and exploration. All programs are aligned with state and national academic standards and designed to supplement your classroom curriculum.

Program Costs and Registration:

Field Studies Brochure 2012-2013

To view and print the Field Studies
Brochure; please click here.

  • $8 per participating student
  • Maximum of 60 students
  • One adult is required per ten students; no additional adults allowed
  • Program runs from 10 am - 1 pm
  • Accessible to students with special needs
  • For scheduling, please call 305.663.8094 or email education@fairchildgarden.org
  • Tour dates fill rapidly, make reservations early
  • Please refer to our Explorer Program Policies document for further details


Nature and Me - Grades K-2, Mondays                                                                Not only do we share the world with animals and plants, but we couldn’t live without them! Students will explore living and non-living objects in the Garden, learn about plant parts and the plant life cycle, and observe plant-animal interactions up close and personal. Students will learn first-hand how we wouldn’t be able to eat, drink, or exist without plants and animals in our world.                               

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards  - updated standards coming soon!      
Pre- and post-visit materials coming soon!                                                 

Our Native Ecosystems - Grades 3-5, Tuesdays
Can we have an impact on our native ecosystems? Think and work like scientists as you and your students discover the natural resources of South Florida’s unique ecosystems. Using observational tools, you will measure, compare, and classify the native plants, animals, and minerals in pine rockland and mangrove ecosystems, and then record and share you results. A food web activity will help your students to understand the flow of energy from the sun and the role of producers and consumers. 

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards  - updated standards coming soon!
Pre- and post-visit materials coming soon!  

Tropical Rainforest Explorations - Grades K-5, Wednesdays
Learn the ABC’s in a rainforest exploration…adaptations, biodiversity, and conservation, that is! As you and your students search for a mystery plant, you’ll utilize your senses to discover the intricacies of a tropical rainforest. Younger students will learn first-hand what all living things need, while older students will delve deeper into the biological and ecological processes taking place in a rainforest ecosystem.  Leave feeling empowered, as your students brainstorm ways that they can make small changes with a big impact!
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards  - updated standards coming soon!
Pre- and post-visit materials coming soon!                                                                           

Secret Lives of Plants - Grades 3-5, Thursdays

From orchids that pick fights with bees to cycads that outlived the dinosaurs, you and your students will dive into the mysterious world of plant science and reproduction. Explore botany basics and scientific thinking using the diverse family of orchids. As your students raise questions about the natural world, they will see a real life conservation project on native orchid species.

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards  - updated standards coming soon!
Pre- and post-visit materials coming soon!                            

Butterflies, Botany and Beyond - Grades K-2, Fridays
As butterflies flutter from flower to flower, they are performing the important act of pollination, which gives us some of our favorite foods! Your students will use magnifiers to get an up-close look at the parts of a butterfly in a science lab, discover the importance of pollination through a hands-on game, and observe the complete life cycle of butterfly. In The Wings of the Tropics you will learn about butterfly behavior as you experience thousands of live butterflies.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards  - updated standards coming soon!
Pre- and post-visit materials coming soon!                    

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