How to Apply


How to apply

1. Contact a Fairchild Researcher, who works in the area of your Tropical Botany interest. The Fairchild Researcher will help you select a faculty member counterpart from FIU or UM, whose interests compliment, supplement, or are related to your interests.

2. Look at the program offerings and requirements of the relevant university (FIU or UM) where you wish to obtain your graduate degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) to make sure they comply with your needs and qualifications. The following pages refer for links to admissions requirements and costs at Florida International University and University of Miami.

Program Administration


Administrator of Graduate Studies at Fairchild - Ms. Amy Padolf, Director of Department of Education of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (

Graduate Studies Director, FIU Department of Biological Sciences - Dr. Steve Oberbauer (

Graduate Studies Director, FIU Department of Earth and Environment - Dr. Jay Krishnaswamy (

Graduate Studies Director, UM Department of Biology - J. Albert C. Uy (


 Updated: June 8th, 2012