Top entries 2011-2012 (MS)
Congratulations to
The 2011-2012 Fairchild Challenge
Award Winning Schools

Below are the top entries for the middle school program of The 2011-2012 Fairchild Challenge

First Place (skit): David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Second Place (skit): St. Thomas the Apostle
First Place (song): George Washington Carver Second Place (song): St. Kevin Catholic



First Place: Shenandoah,
Fabian Villa
Second Place: Mater Academy Charter,
Sergio Soriano



First Place: Belen Jesuit Preparatory,
Maximiliano Garcia del Pozo
Second Place: David Lawrence Jr. K-8,
Enzo Cespedes
First Place: South Miami K-8,
Marilyn Polin
Second Place: Christine Sheng,
 Zelda Glazer


First Place: David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Second Place: Shenandoah
 First Place: Redland Second Place: Shenandoah
A Better World For Plants The Biggest Scientific I Ever Learned
Coral Island World
First Place (Narrative):
Herbert A. Ammons, Marlowe Starling
Second Place - tie (Narrative):
Doral, Carmen Florez and Gulliver Academy, Alyssa Pujals
 A Better World For Plants is A Better World for Us  Out in the Garden
First Place (Speech): South Miami, Sydney Kramer Second Place (Speech): Zelda Glazer, Miguel Brotons
 First Place (drawing): Norland,
Sandy Sthilaire
 Second Place (drawing): South Miami K-8,
Gala Arias




First Place (sculpture): 
West Miami, 
Brenda Garcia  
Second Place - tie (sculpture):
Jorge Mas Canosa, 
Anthony Hernandez
Second Place - tie (sculpture):
Jorge Mas Canosa,
Nicole Luna



First Place: Devon Aire K-8, 
Charan Kotha 
Second Place: Jorge Mas Canosa, 
Carlos Armas
 First Place: Palmetto  Second Place: David Lawrence Jr. K-8
First Place: West Miami Second Place: Shenandoah


 To view video, visit our YouTube Channel


To view video, visit our YouTube Channel

First Place: West Miami Second Place: Shenandoah