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Most Recent Coverage of The Fairchild Challenge  

American Public Gardens Association - 2014 Award for Program Excellence New!

The Tropical Garden - Where the Andes Meet the Amazon New!

Coral Gables News -  250 teachers attend Launch Brunch of Fairchild Challenge New!

The Tropical Garden - Fairchild congratulates scholarship recipients New!

The Tropical Garden - Florida Rare Plant Task Force Meeting New!

The Tropical Garden - Stemming the Envrionmental Gap New!

Key West - 305 Students honored May 8th 

Gables Home Page - Students participate in debates during 11th Fairchild Challenge 

The Miami Herald - Helping The Environment  

Miami's Community Newspapers - 200 students participate in Fairchild Challenge event

The Miami Herald - Challenge at Fairchild

Coral Gables News -  Middle school students present research on "plant superheroes"  

Free Press Florida Keys - Schools join awareness challenge  

The Miami Herald - Butterflies are free at the new science village and conservatory  

TTG - The Fairchild Challenge for Elementary Schools Celebrates Another Exciting Year

TTG - Students use NASA data to measure impact of climate change  

Gables Home Page - Reception for Grad Students 

Gables Home Page - Fairchild Challenge teacher brunch opens new year of learning   

KeysNet - Key Largo school students' wreaths displayed at Olympics  

TTG - The Evolution of The Fairchild Challenge: Ten Years of Exceptional Environmental Education

Miami Herald - Students design new Olympic wreath 

Gables Home Page - Students design Olympic wreaths in Fairchild Challenge 

Gables Home Page - Fairchild Challenge celebrates 10 years of student involvement 

South Dade News Leader - Homestead High students earn top prize at art competition

The Tropical Garden - People Power: Bringing Citizen Science to the Garden 

The Tropical Garden - Get in on the Conservation

The Tropical Garden - Environmental Debates at Fairchild

Gables Home Page - Students debate environmental topics at Fairchild

Gables Home Page - The Fairchild Challenge holds 10th annual environmental debates 

The Tropical Garden - The Fairchild Palms generously supports The Fairchild Challenge 

Trib Live News - Young Achiever, Matthew J. Nemeth

Gables Home Page - Students model 'green' designs in Botanical Fashion Show 

FIU News - FIU hosts high school students for Environmental Immersion Day

The Miami Herald - Planting Seeds of Knowledge (pg.1, 2  

The Tropical Garden - A Blooming Partnership with CCDH

The Tropical Garden - Educating the Educators: Professional Development at FTBG 

The Tropical Garden - New Fairchild Challenge Logo Unveiled

The Tropical Garden - Mentoring The Next Generation of Environmental Scientists

The Miami Herald - FIU, Fairchild teach students about biofuels 

The Tropical Garden - Volunteers are up to The Challenge

The Tropical Garden - Peru launches The Fairchild Challenge Satellite Partner news!

BBC News - Olympic 2012 garland competition going for green Satellite Partner news!

Please visit our Fairchild Challenge Partners web page for more information about Fairchild Challenge Partner programs.


2008 - 2009 Fairchild Challenge Award Winning Schools

South Florida students get creative at Fairchild showcase

Miami program for Miami-Dade students deemed a success

Naturally creative, students dream up plants that shade themselves,
catch mice, even slow global warming
, page 2

The Fairchild Challenge - Competition challenges teens to get involved
in science and environmental issues
, page 2


Fairchild Challenge announces 7th student congress

Fairchild awards $6,100 for school garden, habitat resoration


South Florida Today Logo  


News Releases

South Florida's’S Fairchild Challenge Environmental Conservation Program Going Global

More than 350 local teachers attend kick-off for South Florida’s
2009-2010 Fairchild Challenge environmental education program

200 students from 33 South Florida high schools showcase eco-science projects
April 18 at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden - April 14, 2009

Hundreds of South Florida students and dozens of scientists team up
March 31 to find ways to save the Planet - March 30, 2009

Fairchild Challenge helps International environmental leaders
establish youth-oriented programs worldwide - March 24, 2009


Awards and Endorsements

Fairchild Challenge Endorsed by the National Forum on Children & Nature - visit website here.


Additional Publications - An Environmental Education program that Works in Miami and Around the World
Roots - Vol. 3 - The Fairchild Challenge: engaging teenagers, schools and communities
Florida - History & the Arts - Art in Unfamiliar Places

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Miami Dish - Fairchild Challenge "Green Cuisine" Contest Winners

Fairchild Challenge Media Archive - Garden Magazine


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