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Rainclouds over Jamaica's Cockpit Country

Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 10:17:59 PM

Rain rain go away

JAMAICA.  Gray clouds met us at our field locale in the mountains this morning.  Rain is not typical this time of year, but there are some southerly winds blowing through and bringing some precipitation with them.  For the local farmers, the untimely rain may be a blessing for their crops - especially the unique varieties of local yam they're famous for- but for fieldwork in steep mountain terrain the rain is less than desirable. 

Despite being keen to get out into the mountains and start our climb into the Cockpit hills, where wonders lie in wait for us, for the moment we're stuck waiting the rains out.  There is some sun visible in the distance, so hopefully this will blow over soon and we'll be on our way.  In the meantime, check out this view of rain clouds over the mountains...

Update: we did get out to the field, but ended up getting rained on when we were pretty high up a hill.  It was a cold, windy rain but we managed to get some good work done and carefully climb down - and were rewarded by remarkable views of the sun peeking through the rainclouds.


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