Richard J. Campbell, Ph.D.

Richard J. Cambell

Director of Horticulture and
Senior Curator of Tropical Fruit
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden 
10901 Old Cultler Road
Miami, FL 33156 USA
Phone 305.258.0464

Ph.D. in Horticulture, M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S., University of Florida; teaching experience in adult horticultural programs, teacher training, undergraduate courses. Editor of A Guide to Mangos in Florida (Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden 1992) and author of more than 20 articles and papers on tropical fruit including "Jackfruit" 1998.

Fields of Interest and Roles in Research Department:

  • Tropical fruit germplasm acquisition, conservation, interpretation and distribution.
  • Tropical fruit cultivar characterization.
  • Tree training and management strategies for tropical fruit crops.

Current Research Projects:

  • Characterization of mamey sapote, sapodilla and canister cultivars.
  • Characterization of jackfruit cultivars.
  • Characterization of mango cultivars and other Mangifera species.
  • Pruning and training of the Sapotaceae and Anacardiaceae.
  • Pollination biology of jackfruit.

Recent Scientific Publications:

Campbell, Richard J. 1996.
Commercial potential of Southeast-Asian mango cultivars in South Florida.
Acta Horticulturae 455:40-45.

Campbell, Richard J. 1996.
Fresh fruit and vegetable production in the United States: Survival within a global market.
Proceedings of the Interamerican Society for Tropical Horticulture. 40: 3-10.

Campbell, Richard J. (In Press).
Tropical fruit with increasing export potential.
Proc. VI Congreso Venezuelano de Fruticultura

Campbell, Richard J., G. Zill and H. Mahdeem (In Press).
New sapodilla cultivars with commercial potential in Tropical America.
Proceedings of the Interamerican Society Tropical Horticulture. 41:

Campbell, Richard J. 1997.
'Dot': A gourmet mango for the home garden.
Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 110:143-144.

Professional and Service Activities:

  • Executive Secretary Treasurer for the Interamerican Society for Tropical Horticulture.
  • Editor for the Interamerican Society for Tropical Horticulture for 7 years yielding seven proceedings.
  • Serve on the boards of the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida, Tropical Fruit Advisory Council, Carambola Research Council and the Miami Rare Fruit Council.
  • Serve on graduate committees at Florida International University and the University of Florida.
  • Visiting Instructor for University of Florida graduate-level tropical fruit course (every 2 years).
  • Peer reviewer for the American Society of Horticultural Science, Economic Botany, American Posological Society, Interamerican Society of Tropical Horticulture and Revista Chapingo (Mexico).
  • Organize and execute the International Mango Festival and other specific fruit festivals at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.