Internship Tracks

There are two tracks in this program.  Due to the unique combination of two separate botanic institutions, the duties and experiences of the intern will vary at each garden relating to both the needs of the institutions and the interests of the intern. 

 Under the direction of a mentor, each intern will select an independent project topic, which will be completed throughout the term and culminate in a public presentation. 

 Interns participate in four group field trips throughout the program.  Field trips are selected each year to introduce interns to various ecosystems, botanic institutions and professional avenues within the botanic world. 

Interns are expected to participate fully in the work of the institution, to ask questions and show initiative. 

Installing epiphytes on the cork tree.


Horticulture Track

This internship emphasizes developing horticultural knowledge and skills through working hands-on with native, Caribbean and tropical species.  This is a rotational program where the intern will have the opportunity to work directly with various horticultural staff and assist with all aspects of horticultural activities including, but not limited to: general care and maintenance, pruning, plant propagation and display.


Research & Records Track

This internship focuses upon developing the practical skills necessary to effectively support conservation research and collections management activities, with a focus on native, Caribbean and tropical species.  This program emphasizes research, data entry, record keeping and mapping.