Application Process

Application Process

 Please compile the following documents, in the order listed, into ONE electronic PDF file.  (Tip: Many photocopy machines and scanners will scan documents directly to PDF format, or freeware is available that allows you to combine documents into one PDF file.) 

            1. Completed application form
            2. Statement of Purpose
            3. Resume
            4. Letters of recommendation
            5. Official transcripts

Statement of Purpose

On a separate sheet, please describe (in 400 words or less) what knowledge and/or skills you hope to acquire through this internship at FTBG and how it will help advance you toward your ultimate career goal.


Please include a copy of your resume, being sure to include information regarding your education, professional work experiences and any additional skills/experiences that you believe are relevant to this internship position.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation that adequately reflect your academic and professional work experience are required.  Please list the name, address, phone number, email and relationship to you of two persons sending letters of reference on your behalf.  These two persons may not be family members or friends; they must have an academic/professional relationship to you.  Kindly ask that the provider give you the original letter of recommendation, and you will need to scan the original letter to a PDF file which you will then compile into your electronic application package (described in detail below).  Please be advised that we will verify the letter for accuracy with the recommendation provider.  (If your provider strongly prefers to send us the letter directly, they may send it to Tiffany Lum’s email address as listed below.)


Please name the PDF file using your full name followed by an underscore and the word “Internship,” for example: JaneSmith_Internship.pdf


Send your completed electronic application via email to Tiffany Lum of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden at: