Conservation and Horticulture Internship Program

The Cooperative Conservation & Horticulture Internship Program of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is rooted in our mission statement: to save tropical plant diversity by exploring, explaining, and conserving the world of tropical plants.  By working closely with our colleagues at a private botanic garden in Palm Beach County, we have developed a unique program that exposes interns to two very different professional arenas in the botanic world.  Interns will gain exposure to conservation and horticultural methods with a focus on native, Caribbean and tropical plants.  

Our interns are able to develop a wide range of skills by working alongside experts in two different botanic gardens. Interns will gain an intimate understanding of the role of botanic gardens in horticulture, plant diversity, education and the community.

There are two tracks in this program: Horticulture and Research & Records. 

 Application deadline is April 4, 2014 *



Identifying plants at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park


Interns will participate in selected field trips to other botanical institutions and natural areas.  These serve as opportunities to meet professionals from a variety of backgrounds, experience native habitats and identify plants in the field. 

Each intern will complete an independent project that results in a public presentation.  Examples of previous topics include:

  • The Jewels of the Caribbean: An Ethnobotanical Study
  • The Economic Power of Botany: Creating a Sustainable Clothing Garden
  • The Effect of Rooting Products on Hardwood Cuttings
  • The Bahamas Collection at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
  • A Survey of Threatened Plants and the Role of Ex-Situ Conservation in FTBG's Collection: A Brief overview of the survey process and explanation of the IUCN categories
  • Hybridization in ex situ conservation and collections: Re-emphazising the responsibilities of botanic gardens




Interns have access to a range of opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills while participating in the program, including classes, field work and seminars.


Swamp walk at Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park



 What former interns have to say:

“I gained a lot of practical, hands on knowledge and I love working with the public.”

“It is a unique experience that is unlike anything you would get in a classroom or laboratory setting.”

“The combined scopes of the two gardens cover such a wide spectrum of elements that very little is left out from a horticultural experience point of view. . .”




Please note we are unable to accept international students at this time.                                                                                                                                                                         

*pending grant approval